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If you invest a ton of energy outside, gardening or climbing, you might be exhibited to ticks that convey Lyme disease. Lyme infection is difficult to analyze – a significant number of the side effects imitate the flu virus or different conditions. You might not have seen the tell-tale bull’s eye red rash encompassing the site of your nibble, or possibly you never developed one.

What you cannot deny is that you have unexplained weariness, cerebral pains, body hurts, stiffness and here and there a fever. If you figure you may have Lyme disease or need to abstain from getting this weakening ailment, know these basic insights concerning it.

  • You cannot get Lyme disease from every tick bite

    A particular sort of tick conveys Lyme sickness in the Virginia zone (and the whole east coast) and Midwest.

  • It’s not infectious

    If you have Lyme disease, you won’t spread the disease to your children, spouse, or companions. Similarly, if you have a friend or family member with the condition, you aren’t going to contract it from them. You can just get Lyme disease by a tick bite from an infected insect. These ticks exist in pretty much every state in America.

  • You can expel the tick before you become infected

    To contract ailment, the infectious tick needs to be connected to you for 36 to 48 hours – that is around two straight days. If you discover a tick on you, pull it out firmly and upward off your skin with a clean pair of tweezers. Continuously check uncovered skin after a climb or working outside for ticks that may have grabbed hold.

  • You may, or may not, get the bull’s-eye rash

    Despite the fact that a bull’s-eye rash is a noticeable and regular sign that you’ve been infected, it doesn’t occur to everybody with Lyme disease. Up to half of the individuals with Lyme sickness never get the rash. In addition, you may encounter a tick bite in a zone in which you don’t see the rash, for example, on your scalp or around the crotch.

  • Lyme disease has multiple symptoms

    Lyme disease indications can mirror cold virus or flu, yet additionally influence various different organs. Your skin, sensory system, muscles, heart, eyes, and joints can suffer. Lyme infection can trigger ceaseless exhaustion disorder and fibromyalgia. You may have unexplained dizziness, memory loss, impaired thinking, and even panic disorder symptoms as a result.

  • Standard testing might be deceiving

    To test Lyme disease, you’re liable to a blood test that depends on antibodies made by your body system against Lyme bacteria. This test doesn’t generally get these antibodies, so it’s vital that all symptoms you experience are viewed as when making an analysis.

  • Lyme disease can be cured

    Lyme disease is dealt with effectively as a rule. The sooner you start anti-microbial treatment, the faster and more complete is your recovery. Regardless of whether you’ve had chronic Lyme disease for quite a while – like 10-25 years – there is hope. You may require extensive or maintenance therapy, yet never abandon great health.

If you have unexplained weariness and influenza-like manifestations that essentially don’t resolve, make a meeting with Dr. Sheeba Asad for a careful workup that incorporates a test for Lyme sickness. If you figure you may have Lyme disease, let Dr. Asad know so that she can make a thorough clinical judgment. Dr. Asad can get at the underlying cause of your bad health so you can return back to being completely healthy.


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